For the finest global shipping infrastructure in the world, look no further.

We specialize in the sea transportation of containerized cargoes to and from Africa, the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent and South America. While our core focus is on the trades that connect these markets, we are also very active in North America, South America, Europe, the Mediterranean and the Far East.

Decades of shipping experience in Africa and South Asia and being part of the Maersk Group means you get access to the most modern vessels, the world’s largest container pool, world-class information systems and a dedicated team of professionals standing by to help you with your shipping. You get access to the world’s finest shipping infrastructure.

We CAN Deliver world wide


Middle East

South America


North America


If you have a consignment to ship, we have a vessel for you.

Fast delivery, unrivaled dependability and customer service tailored to your business needs – as Keep Walking Logistics customer these are all automatically a part of the service you’ll receive. But, having Keep Walking Logistics account brings many more benefits including preferential rates, additional billing options and extended access to Keep Walking Logistics services that can help grow your business internationally.

We have convenient self-service drop boxes, staffed facilities and authorized shipping centers to help you simply drop off a shipment or receive one-on-one assistance. Ship domestic or international packages with Keep Walking Logistics Ground and Keep Walking Logistics, including some approved dangerous goods. 95% of the Europeans are located less than 15 minutes away from a Pickup point.

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